About Critical Product and Services Reviews

We will be officially launching in early 2019.

Here at Critical Product Reviews we will give you the run down on everything: from new organic food, to nursing apparel, to camping gear for children.

Beyond aesthetics and practicality, we will also discuss how ethical the product or services under review are: 

  • "Is this packaging recyclable ?"

  • "Were the laborers treated fairly?" 

  • "How come my favorite vegan restaurant doesn't have a changing station for my baby!?"

We take a unique spin on reviews because our team is comprised of two PhDs who happen to be married to each other raising their 4 kids in the hub of foodie, sustainable, techies, and ethical commodities cultures: San Francisco Bay Area.

Below is our kick-off review. If you like what you hear and see, subscribe at the bottom to be notified of when we launch!