Super Black Woman + "The Talented Tenth" + Mompreneur

Super. Black. Woman.

Super. Black. Woman.

I am the Super Black Woman + "The Talented Tenth" + Mompreneur.

I make sure that everyone is taken care of

I make sure that my clients are priority while also making sure my children are priority

I make sure that my self-care is LAST

Focusing on myself is NOT PRODUCTIVE and after all…

I am responsible for "raising the race"

I am a "Race Woman"

I know that crying is for babies

Crying is for my preschooler who can't get her way because I told her that she can't wear a spring dress in the middle of a cold rainy Northern California season

Crying is for my 10 year old who gets a time-out from his iPad because he refuses to do his homework

Crying isn't for the Super Black Woman

We don't cry

We don't show our vulnerability

We don't have time to 'cry' or 'feel'

We are 'Race Women'

Crying, sobbing, even talking about 'feelings' are NOT PRODUCTIVE

We keep it private

In our bedroom closet

Locked away in an old wooden box with the name "Pandora" on it






Don't crumble under that weight of:

Sleep deprivation

Completing work deadlines

Losing 1000 calories a day alone nursing a baby

The bills

The second shift

Scheduling doctor appointments

Bringing all your children to extra-curricular activities

Remembering that on Thursday the 5 year old has a field trip and needs to wear rain boots [that you can't find]

That the 3 year old has a nursery school ballet performance on Tuesday

Racial micro-aggressions

The nightly broadcast about yet another Black teen close to your child's age who has had Becky call the police on them

That the kids have lice again

The Tweet that reminds you that racist based hate groups are the highest that they have ever been

Don't show any hint of crumbling

Or Breaking down

Or Giving Up

You are a "race woman”

Responsible for raising the race

DuBois' "Talented Tenth"

If Sandberg can "Lean in", then so can you

Listen to other Super Black women who wear the facade/the mask

Listen to the elders who 'made' it

That they NEVER needed therapy

And neither do you

Super Black Women are robust


And resilient

We didn't need therapy to make it out of antebellum slavery

And we don't need it NOW

Ignore the physical and mental health signs that plague us

The collateral damage of being a "race woman" fused with the "talented tenth"

The hypertension

The depression

The addictions

The panic and anxiety attacks


As long as you don't look "unkempt" and work hard…

As long as you are “3x better than them”

… Just roll with the punches

The bruises are internal

No one is going to see them and you DON'T NEED TO TALK ABOUT them

You need to be STRONG for you CHILDREN

You are a "race woman"

Raising the Black race

Wear that cape

Jump off that mountain and SOAR

Don't let anyone know that you are like any other mortal

And that you haven’t SOARED

But are bleeding


And have hit



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