Where Mothering and Hacking Collide [with  Stacks of Laundry That Will Never Be Folded that the Cat Sleeps on Every Night]. 

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This site is for the mom who wants to hack her life but often finds herself being told she is 'slacking' (when that is far from the case). Not wanting to fold stacks of laundry after taking care of your kids and working a paid job (or not even!) is not 'slacking' -- it's self care!

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SlackerHackerMom was inspired after years of parenting and being asked numerous times: “How do you have 4 kids, give talks around the USA, consult, and write books? You are super mom!”

False. I’m a hot mess (but in a good and realistic way in my opinion, haha!). I do not have my sh*t together.

Many people know the online “life of Dr. A. Breeze Harper”…. but behind the scenes is another story (my motivation for my 3rd book Black. Mama. Scholar.) . I’m sleep deprived. Haven’t showered for days and I often forget about practicing mindfulness and Buddhist precepts when it’s the end of the day, kids still won’t go to bed and I start yelling and screaming or bribing them to go the f*ck to sleep.

Certain family members or random folk I meet may think I’m a “slacker” when it comes to raising my children, keeping my house in order (stacks of laundry I don’t fold on a daily or even weekly basis), while other folk experience me as “supermom” when I remedy my mothering challenges by taking my baby with me to give talks so I can nurse on demand (though some folk think this is “slacking” and I should stay home and not go out trying to pursue a career with baby in tow-- can't win!)….

The point is, you can’t please everyone nor should you. 

SlackerHackerMom dispels the myth that one is a “slacker”/”bad” mom or a “supermom” for not adhering to or adhering to some prescribed rules of perfect parenting (which is usually upper-middle class heteronormative neoliberal capitalist framing).  

SlackerHackerMom hacks this binary. What makes us unique is that we integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion into the mix undergirded by Black Feminist methodologies and similar critical frameworks. As bell hooks would say, "Feminism is for everybody!"

SlackerHackerMom has blog articles, podcasts, plant-based recipes, product reviews, & ways to bring peace of mind to parenting, work-life, and more without judgement or 'teaching' you how to be a good mom or guilting you into thinking you are 'slacking'. And don't forget about the comedy and satire! SMS Chat Play Series, Kaila and Reese, will have you laughing at two moms sharing their life with 8 kids, two husbands, and a gazillion pets between them.

Join us. Find support and know that you aren't the only one typing up projects on the toilet because the bathroom has become your office ever since your children came into your life. (Well, how do you think I put this web page together?) 

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Amie "Breeze" Harper, PhD
Founder, Slacker Hacker Mom